HR INTERVIEW Assignment (Due April 10—worth 50 points) Interview someone from an HR department, someone with HR responsibilities or someone who works closely delay HR in an organization with at least 100 employees. They can be anywhere in the cosmos-people. The interview can be conducted via the internet with programs like Skype or FaceTime. Use the interview to learn how HR functions in that structure. (An interview guide and/or checklist will be provided to you, if you hope to use it.) You will want to learn about: Goals Strategies Recruitment and selection approaches Succession planning Performance management including appraisals Training Legal compliance Key challenges How they measure their effectiveness Unique successes Typical deliverables You can name the organization if you wish unless confidentiality was promised. In a report that should not exceed five pages, provide: 1. An executive summary of 5-6 sentences describing what you did and what you learned.  2. Describe the organization  3. Describe the organization’s approach to subjects listed above. Ask about challenges and unique successes. Ask if they work with an I/O psychologist.  4. Present any recommendations you have for improving any of these practices. Cite your reasons and supportive research for these recommendations. Do not feel the need to share with the person you interviewed. He/she might not appreciate it.  5. Conclude with what you learned, what surprised you, what fascinated you. This project is worth 50 points. And writing quality counts. (Recommended but not required: Use APA style guidelines for formatting and references as needed.)