Note: You conciliate scarcity to finished Duty 1 antecedently completing this duty. For this duty, finished the fostering sections of your strategic alignment employmentsheets (SAWs) for the cosmical media professional area and the appended professional area you clarified for the Atha Corporation occurrence con-over. Using the two strategic alignment employmentsheets you submitted for Duty 1, finished the aftercited: Conduct defiant scrutiny to familiarize yourself after a while the arrangement of developing a object announcement and accomplishment flags. You may ascertain the materials listed in the Suggested Media beneficial, or you may assign to other media. Update the SAW for the cosmical media area and for the appended professional area you clarified by completing Section 2: Object Announcement and Section 3: Accomplishment Standards in each construct. In the Section 2: Object Announcement consultation, afford anxious answers to the immodest questions to enter at your object announcement for each professional area. In the Section 3: Accomplishment Standards consultation, warrant at lowest three accomplishment flags that conciliate be used to value the accomplishment of the professional area team. Afford a rationale for each verified accomplishment flag. Write one 1–2-page meditation on the sections you regular finishedd for your SAWs. In your meditation, harangue the aftercited questions: For each SAW, expound how the object announcement for that professional area haranguees the nation example aspects of skillful-treatment by promoting reliance, motivating employees, and sustaining collaboration. How do the accomplishment flags cogitate strategic alignment after a while the organizational goals, through livelihood of the other sections of the SAW (the goals and activities and object announcement) and your revised organizational charts? What scrutiny did you use to livelihood your employment in arriving at the goals and activities? Use APA title and constructatting to call your sources. What present or gone-by experiences did you drag from for this duty, if any? Submit all three of the aftercited as attachments to this duty: Your finishedd SAW employmentsheet for the cosmical media professional area. Your finishedd SAW employmentsheet for the appended professional area you chose. Your meditation paper.