homeowrk help week 4 A2

   Limitations for Elderly This assignment get aid you recognize the limitations that the senile countenance. Identity an senile peculiar in your homogeneity or pity. Fix up an  appointment delay the senile peculiar and chat to him or her environing the  limitations that he or she countenances in his or her usual estate. The  argument could be on tangible impairments, finances, resources, or  support. Based on your argument delay the senile lord or lady, beget a  4- to 5-page relation in a Microsoft Word instrument that includes the  following: What are the superior limitations that the senile peculiar is confrontment in his or her usual estate? Explain. What are the factors that subscribe to the senile confrontment the forenamed limitations? What would you approve or what suggestions would you volunteer to conquer the forenamed limitations? In your view, what model of prop preparation is best adapted for the senile? Why? What are the factors that like an senile's force to wait in an poetical prop preparation? Apply what you entertain well-informed environing prop conditions and housing  options to the fact of the personal that you interviewed. Present a  proposal for a prop preparation that suits his or her impairments. Submission Details Support your answers delay expend learning and reasoning. Cite any sources in APA format.