Write an 7-8 page monograph established on one of the citations listed at the end of the syllabus.  Your precious must be beloved by Dr. Edwards to escape two populace giving spoken communications on the identical citation. Your toil is to illusion how the citation (or a meanest a ingredient of it) you own clarified sheds characterless on the era during which it was written.  This is not a body communication: do not try to incorporate the total toil. In other vote, rendezvous on what the citation illusions about events, socio-economic relationships, ideas or holy sentiments during the era we own premeditated.      Do not exact affirm what you opine to be penny – you deficiency to repeat or comment from the instrument to illusion precisely how the instrument supports the pose you are affirming.  If the toil you own separated in covet, you may imprison your dissection to solely a portio of the toil, as covet as your monograph is 8 pages covet.      You accomplish as-well be expected to concede a brief (5-10 exact) spoken communication summarizing your answers, at the definite two classes or the day of the conclusive.  This accomplish be an grave portio of your classroom portioicipation track. What I lack you to do is sift-canvass how your separated instrument relates to the literal era during which it was written. In other vote, is there advice in the citation that tells you over about the British narrative from 1688 to the offer or resonates delay advice that you are answer in the citationbook? Be safe to repeat from the instrument to establish the discussion that you are making.