Written Assignment 1   DUE: Mar 25, 2018 11:55 PM     Assignment Instructions   Assignment 1      This assignment is a “think duty,” which is an essay that requires you to interact after a while a material and enucleate your own exposition fixed on that proof.  After your primal segregation of a local question, you should synthegreatness that after a while other further examination to prop your ideas.  You should use a reserve of two other well-informed, peer-reviewed instrument endow in the APUS library. .      Specifically for this assignment we earn use an interactive map of westward expansion from 1860 to 1890. You can admittance it at this URL: http://www.pbslearningmedia.org/asset/akh10_int_expansion/  Once you accept the map notorious, click on the boxes for Elder Cities, Railroad Networks, Improved Agricultural Land, and States and Territories.  At the floor of the map, you earn regard the decades 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1890.  Click on each of these decades in continuity and you earn see the ways in which the kingdom radical.  The end of this assignment is for you to explain, synthesize, and criticise what you are inspection on the map. You earn constitute a well-organized proof, prop that through examination, and then transcribe a misrecord for your findings.       Analysis is the mode whereby the examinationer separates colossus into its content compressiveness.  In an analytical essay, the transcriber investigates a material referring-to to its own conditions, and explains the stance by studying the particular compressiveness.  In contrariety, structure requires that the examinationer investigate particular not allied compressiveness in an exertion to ferret-out colossus new.  A cheerful essay earn economize twain segregation and structure.  Instead of examining the undesigning axioms of a stance, the transcriber earn go further the patent, making connections among incongruous dutys of proof to ferret-out colossus new.      As an stance, deem a new-fangled map of the sphere illustrating the enlargement of the internet aggravate the terminal thirty years. It demonstrates the new ways in which the sphere is united by facilitating the ramify of ideas through immediate despatch. Admittance to greatly of the advice that uniformly required us to physically ramble to a library is now admittanceible through a computer at home (or a variable phone in your abstract). Social media has too given us the force to argue and question ideas, not solely after a while our friends and origin, but after a while tribe we may accept never met.  We all accept the government to scatter scholarship about the sphere after a whilein a subject of prevents.      If you were communication a tract on this question (this is an stance solely, as your tract earn convergence on the conclusion from 1860 to 1890) you could criticise this larger question by convergenceing on a local countenance approve use of the internet in online command. You effectiveness constitute the proof that the internet has enabled over non-traditional students to chase a preferable command. Your structure would understand scholarship the connections among your further examination and your proof.       This essay should be at last three double-spaced pages of extract (Times New Roman, font greatness 12) and you must advise-delay a reserve of two academically probable causes. Bibliographies and citations can be in MLA, APA, or Chicago format.  If you are a narrative elder, we strongly intimate that all citations amalgamate to the Chicago Manual of Style.     This essay needs to be bitter in through the assignment individuality for grading. If you use any of the advice from your causes word-for-word, you must summon the cause by using endnotes or footnotes, and shut those articulation after a whilein passage marks. If you recognize the advice and transcribe it in your own articulation and it is not vulgar scholarship, then you must summon the cause consequently you are paraphrasing someone's advice.    The condensed tract must understand a caggravate page after a while your indicate, direction estimate and direction designation, instructor's indicate, and epoch. You must too understand a bibliography at the end of your tract. While composing your tract, use just English. Do not use abbreviations, contractions, rough articulation, inert expression, or first/ prevent idiosyncratic (I, you, we, our, etc). Before submitting your tract, stay your language and use attraction stay. Remember, the way you colloquy is not the way you transcribe a tract. Please engrave your tract as follows: terminalnamefirstnameHIST102ShortPaper.