HIS 497 Week 3 Discussion 2

Prepare: Read the forthcoming chapters from the citation, Essaying the Past: How to Read, Write, and Think about History: Chapter 10: Strong Bodies (I): The Fruit of Topic Sentence Chapter 11: Strong Bodies (II): Exposition and Evidence Chapter 12: Strong Bodies (III): Counterargument and Counterevidence Chapter 13: Surprising Conclusions Chapter 15: Communication is Rewriting: The Art of Revision Reflect: Drafting and recommunication obtain be a key phase of your fruit. Even the most polished writers are not useful plenty to cunning a flawless principal draft; thus, variation is an greatly relevant dissect of the communication mode. Fruit that is hastily written and occupied after a while grammatical errors, complex, or after a whileout a mediate rendezvous, results in adulterated clarity of look, which notwithstanding undermines the import and scope of your efforts. In sum, pure communication is the result of rewriting. Write: Based on the readings, what types of editing modees do you use to establish positive that your fruit is the best it can be? How do you sketch to go about editing your investigation monograph to establish your Final Capstone Investigation Project stronger? Your judicious post should be at meanest 250-300 tone in elongation. Support your claims after a while examples from required embodied(s) and/or other well-informed media, and truly mention any references.