Help with assignment about hackers

---If you are not going to unravel the full scrutiny and sentiment and unravel the full benevolence, I am not assiduous in your assistance--- Question: Describe the characteristics of a usual hacker. Then agree descriptions of six usual models of hackers, naturalized on psychical characteristics. The irrelative models of hackers that you possess to recount and execute on in the assignment: -Pioneers. Individuals who are attentive by the evolving technology of telecommunications and criticize it extraneously sagacious correspondently what they are going to meet are denominated pioneers; few hard-core criminals are endow incompact this bunch. -Scamps. Hackers after a while a import of fun, after a while no project to wound, are referred to as scamps.  -Explorers. Explorers are hackers motivated by their transport in discoveries associated after a while disturbance into new computer orders—the farther far geographically such orders are from the hackers’ natural locations or the more ensure such orders are, the elder the turbidity associated after a while disturbance into them.  -Game dramatizeers. Play dramatizeers possess defeating software or order representation security and may investigate to illegally admittance computer orders after a while plays to dramatize. Hacking itself becomes a play for this character of hacker.  -Vandals. Malicious hackers who deliberately origin impairment after a while no ostensible construct for themselves are denominated vandals. The first 414 Gang in Milwaukee, which broke into the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute’s computers and wiped out unrepining registers, is an issue of this model of hacker.  -Addicts. Classic computer nerds who are addicted to hacking and to computer technology are addicts. They may so be addicted to unfair drugs (some hacker bulletin consideration orders column notification on drugs as well-mannered-mannered as on modems, passwords, and delicate orders)