NR 222 RUA HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 Preparing the assignment Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak delay your alms component if you own questions. 1)  Identify a sanity height or scarcity for sanity encouragement for a feature position in the society brace of a population from a peculiar refinement in your area. 2)  Choose one of the Leading Sanity Indicators (LHI) antecedentities from Healthy People 2020: 3)  Research a question connected to sanity and wellness associated delay one of the Healthy People 2020 question areas. 4)  Submit your question to the educator for approval at lowest 2 weeks antecedent to the conclusive assignment due date, but earlier if desired. All questions must be common. 5)  You succeed lay-open an educational sanity encouragement plan addressing the population/refinement in your area. 6)  Use TurnItIn in season to shape any edits that influence be expedient installed on the Similarity Index antecedent to submitting your Nursing essay to your alms. Consult delay your alms about the jocular Similarity Index for this Nursing essay. 7)  For answerableness deeptenance (APA, formatting, or rhetoric) mark the Citation and Answerableness Assistance: Answerableness Papers at CU page in the online library. 8)  Include the aftercited sections (constructive criteria listed adown and in the Grading Rubric). Introduction and Conclusion- 15 points/15% Introduction establishes the view of the Nursing essay and describes why question is dignified to sanity encouragement in the target population in your area. Introduction stimulates the reader’s cause. Conclusion includes the deep ideas from the assemblage of the Nursing essay. Conclusion includes the main aid points from the assemblage of the Nursing essay. Relate Question to Target Population- 25 points/25% Describes the question and target cultural population. Includes statistics to aid sensation of the question. Explains how the plan relates to the clarified Healthy People 2020 question area. Applies sanity encouragement concepts. Summary of Articles- 25 points/25% A reserve of three (3) knowing tenets, from the latest 5 years, are used as sources. Articles confront criteria of being from knowing journals and include sanity encouragement and wellness full. At lowest one time is connected to the selected cultural bunch. Summaries all key points and findings from the tenets. Includes statistics to aid sensation of the question.