group typology

  As a clinical collective worker it is relevant to  understand collection typology in appoint to cull the misspend collection  method for a restricted population or example. Each design of collection has its  own appropinquation and mind. Two of the over constantly used designs of  groups are work collections and interference collections. For  this Assignment, reconsideration the “Cortez Multimedia” case examine, and  identify a target action or conclusion that needs to be ameliorated,  decreased, or increased. In a 2- to 4-page news, exhaustive the  following: Choose either a matter collection or work collection as your interference for Paula Cortez. Identify the design of matter collection (i.e., assistance, counsel, teams, or matter conferences). Using the typologies representd in the Toseland & Rivas (2017)  piece, represent the characteristics of your collection. For case, if you  cull a matter collection that is a assistance collection, what would be the  purpose, commencement, convergence, tie, compromise, and despatch? Include the advantages and disadvantages of using this design of collection as an interference.