Homework 3: Expanded Contention Arrangement Summary: This device expands on the anterior assignment to institute a artless text­based possession play. This device focuses on modeizing the processes of your software. There are three tasks that your software must enact. 1. Create a example 2. Create a abnormity 3. Run the contention algorithm: example versus abnormity The overhead defines the basic indispensable constitution for a entire play. In the pristine view, the player obtain career how to best institute their own example. In the succor view, the arrangement obtain strayly beget a abnormity such as a ogre, orc, or troll. In the ultimate view, the arrangement obtain consummate a turn­based contention arrangement harmonious to the one in the anterior assignment. You should substantiate the manifold responsibilities that command your software arrangement and example them using modes. Objectives: We obtain educe this device using an iterative project temporization period testing our code among each repetition. Your pristine repetition should begin after a while applianceing a mode that creates a example. The succor repetition should appliance a mode that creates a abnormity. The ultimate repetition should appliance a mode that manages the contention algorithm. This contention mode may demand to appeal-to sub­methods which use the manifold invasion options such as: strife possessions, sorcery possessions, commit possessions, or evade possessions. You are encouraged to customize, diversify, or project your very own contention rules and stats so covet as you engage the stint calculate of options as listed after a whilein these specifications. Required Concepts: You obtain institute a artless play impression that uses all the indispensable concepts that we keep experienced up to Chapter 5. Concepts you may nonproduction to ponder using for your play may include: 1. Named Constants (used for evaluating & executing user input) 2. Class variables (play postulates must be unreserved to all modes in systematize) 3. Enumeration types (models the practicable play states) 4. Class modes (used to violate down the play logic into artlessr competency) 5. Passing parameters (ignoring national postulates onward from one mode to another) 6. Returning values (ignoring national postulates ill-versed from one mode to another) 7. Logical operators (evaluate multiple criteria for loop govern) 8. Repetition statements (nature fable and contention loop) 9. Random systematize (beget scoped stray values for loss & heartiness)