Forensic Report

   TASK Task 1: Recovering scrambled bits (5%) (5 marks) For this job I get upload a citation refine delay scrambled bits on the question interact2 position closer to the assignment due bound. You get be required to renew the scrambled bits to their pristine arrange and delineation the unembellished citation in your assignment. Deliverable: Describe the manner used in restoring the scrambled bits and suggest unembellished citation in the assignment. Task 2: Digital Forensics Reverberation (20%) (20 marks) In this senior job you are asked to furnish a digital forensic reverberation for the subjoined scenario succeeding carefully lection the scenario and seeming at citationbook figures as referred beneath: You are investigating a feasible psychological possessions larceny by a new employee of Superior Bicycles, Inc. This employee, Tom Johnson, is the cousin of Jim Shu, an employee who had been terminated. Bob Aspen is an manifest contractor and investor who gets a surprising e mail from Terry Sadler encircling Jim Shu's new design (shown in Figure 8-5 of the citationbook on p. 350). Bob afore the e-mail to Chris Robinson (the moderator of Superior Bicycles) to investigate encircling any proper designs that susceptibility demand high investments. Chris afore the e-mail to the open instruction, Ralph Benson, repursuit him to seem into it. He to-boot afore it to Bob Swartz, repursuit him to feel IT seem for any e-mails delay attachments. Succeeding a dirty inquiry, Bob Swartz afore an e-mail IT build to Chris Robinson (shown in Figure 8 - 6 of the citationbook on p. 350). Chris to-boot build a USB despatch on the desk Tom Johnson was assigned to. Your job is to pursuit for and designate whether the despatch contains any proprietary Superior Bicycles, Inc. grounds in the frame of any digital photograph as an declaration. In detail, you may seem for vivid refines such as JPEG on the USB despatch mysterious delay incongruous frameat. Note for the USB despatch picture, you demand to download the "C08InChp.exe" refine from the download minority of Chapter 8 on the scholar mate position of the citationbook (Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart, 6/e, 2019). Your job is to pursuit all feasible places grounds susceptibility be mysterious (e-mails and USB despatch) and save and bestow any digital declaration in the reverberation. Deliverable: For this forensic demonstration, you demand to procure a reverberation of 1800-2000 utterance (almost 5 A4 pages) in the frameat described in bestowation minority beneath.