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 Discussion 1 (attribute to your quotation anteriorly supporting, I accept win size website) What is your notion of Andy Goldsworthy's result? Jeanne-Claude & Christo? Do you regard what these artists do art? Why? Discussion 2   According to the Innocence Project, corroboration corroboration played a role in convicting 70 percent of the prisoners who were after cleared by DNA deposition. The Innocence Project’s website proposes five procedures; to aid plug misidentification of subjects in police line-ups. Based on what you peruse in the quotation about how retention results and how sham memories can be formed, do you conceive these five procedures would aid impair sham identifications? Give your vindication in your judicious argument support and decipher why or why not. Can you conceive of other suggestions that would impair sham identification? The five procedures are  #1, the Double Blind Administration,  #2, the Line up Composition,  #3, Instructions to the Witness,  (#4) belief, and (#5) Recording. Discussion 3 Write a portion of about 6 amiable sentences describing assessment in coming childhood.What it is, why do we assess, when do we assess, how do we assess