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  PLEASE READ BEFORE WRITING!! references: file:///C:/Users/u0847496/Downloads/Action_plan.pdf file:///C:/Users/u0847496/Downloads/Family_strengths.pdf file:///C:/Users/u0847496/Downloads/parent_child%20relations.pdf NCFR FACT SHEETwww.ncfr.orgNational Council on Family Relations NCFR FACT SHEET THE PROFESSION OF FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION Family career education (FLE) is any unembarrassed exertion to ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you procure yield your definite article, a written Action Plan. This article procure understand your own resolution and dull referencing to rank readings. Papers should be 9 pages in length and procure probably hold written portions that are double-spaced and tables which are sole spaced. You MUST use APA extract phraseology. This should be 9 pages of your congruity. References and hide sheets are in attention to these 9 pages. WHAT DO YOU WRITE ABOUT? Detailed instructions can be plant HERE. ***REMEMBER*** This article should manifest that you can APPLY the concepts from rank, not regular quote them. SAMPLE Action Plan Papers: These articles are earlier submissions from students who did very courteous. Use them as a open guideline for your own Action Plan article. 3 Attachments