Final Accounting project Create Business

  Each learner earn be required to use the office that was produced in your week one assignment.  The subjoined knowledge earn be certain to engage MINIMUM requirements for your assignment submission: Your office indicate and work or utility you earn be gift. This earn besides comprise a term of your office and organizational construction, where you delineation on locating your office and why. A perfect chaffer partition including references to assistance your knowledge. This earn be 1-2 pages in prolixity.   A competitive SWOT partition of the diligence identifying at smallest two chaffer competitors and specifying what you earn be telling to obtain?} utility of among the diligence. This should be a townsman pages at smallest. Create your fictional sales projections inveterate on what your knowledge of the diligence.   Create each one of the financial assertions for your office and be telling to teach the bulk that you use for your diligence.  Make fast you comprise the subjoined:  Three INCOME STATEMENTS (one per locality), Three Assertion of Cash Flows (one for each Income assertion), and finally one end of the year BALANCE SHEET.  Your Income Statements should be telling to fit on one to two pages as courteous as your Assertion of Cash Flows.  Your Balance Sheet should fit on one page. Please be advised that these are your financial assertions and I am giving you the force to produce the assertions inveterate on your identical projections.  You earn ultimately be required to arrange written partition to assistance why your financial assertions are what you reported.   This written assignment must be at smallest 8 pages of written representative (not including your financial assertions) in adjust to accept a passing grade!  Please enfold intervenience this assignment and use terminology discussed in the potentiality subject-matter presentations, quotation and at smallest six references to assistance your assignment.  You must use APA formatting and your assignment must gravitate among the 15%-20% originality opening to accept reputation for the assignment. Please revisal the MBA Rubric to see the criteria for grading your written assignment.