fin100 wk 6

Complete the aftercited abodeachievement scenario:  •Bob and Lisa are twain married, afloat adults. They twain intent for solitude and opine the $2,000 annual assistance a must.   First, opine Lisa’s savings. She began afloat at age 20 and began making an annual assistance of $2,000 at the primitive of the year commencement delay her primitive year. She creates 13 assistances. She achievemented until she was 32 and then left ample era achievement to feel manifestation and be a cling at abode mom. She left her IRA invested and intents to commence contrivance from her IRA when she is 65.   Bob established his IRA at age 32. The primitive 12 years of his afloat line, he used his discretionary allowance to buy a abode, upgrade the extraction cars, interest vacations, and chase his golfing falter. At age 32, he made his primitive $2,000 assistance to an IRA, and contributed $2,000 integral year up until age 65, a entirety of 33 years / assistances. He intents to secede at age 65 and create delaydrawals from his IRA.   Both IRA accounts expand at a 7% annual admonish. Do not opine any tax pi.  •Write a two to three (2-3) section tabulation in which you:            ◦Create a chart summarizing the details of the bombardment for twain Bob and Lisa.            ◦Explain the results in stipulations of era rate of money.