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Instructions Submit your definite scheme on The Venice Family Clinic There are two components to this patience: a important budget proposition delivery and a schemeed departmental budget. The important budget proposition should be proposeted as a delivery (either PowerPoint or an equipollent machine) after a while debater notes. The schemeed departmental budget should be uploaded individually as an Excel spreadsheet. In Milestone Two, you proposeted a disordered draw of this schemeed departmental budget which is stable underneath designated MILESTONE 2 and the Excel fencing draw is stable underneath! Incorporate your instructor's feedback and propose your definite draw of the schemeed departmental budget as separate of your definite scheme patience.     The venice Family clinic: 2018 Annual Report (most prevalent Annual Report conducive) &  Consolidated Financial Statements for the Year Ended June 30, 2018 ARE ATTACHED BELOW FOR REFERENCE. Must use. Please ensue all accurate elements of scheme which instructions are in guidelines and rubrics stable underneath. Milestones 1,2 & 3 entertain already been effected anterior to this definite scheme.