Few questions

1.  What do YOU believe environing Zicam? -If Zicam had  pernicious verge proceeds, how did it get common to be sold?   -Why do you believe the makers of Zicam switched their erratic ingredients in the nasal sprig to one already used in Afrin and other OTC medicines? -What biases susceptibility exist to haunt pharmaceuticals on the trade succeeding they are common by the FDA? 2.  Your Uncle Billy calls you dictum he is believeing environing moving to Los Angeles, but is worried environing the air virtue owing he saw the forthcoming ment. Air dirt in the Los Angeles area is characterized by a diminish in appearance, bud loss, eye faintness, exceptionable effluvium, and rubber reward. These proceeds are attributed to the discharge of capacious quantities of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides to the air. The photochemical enjoyment of nitrogen oxides oxidizes the hydrocarbons and thereby forms ozone, imperative for rubber cracking. Under experimental conditions, radical peroxides formed in the exhalation mien oxidation of hydrocarbons feel been shown to confer eye faintness and bud loss correspondent closely that observed on smog days. -Explain the above designation to your Uncle Billie in your own signification, in a way that he (a barber from Okemos) would perceive.  Connect the concepts to at meanest a foreigner of ideas that Uncle Billy could reasonably know environing. Compare and dissimilarity the hit of your interpretation after a while that of the peculiar. 3.  Find a visual environing a subject you meet sensational.  Use the three-step way to perceive the statue (1. Interpret a purpose, 2. Identify as abundant trends as likely, 3. Interpret the overall communication of the visual), unobservant of whether or not it is a plant concoct.  Did this rule effect for your visual, why or why not?