Feminist, Solution-Focused, and Narrative Theory Application

Read the “Case Con-balance Analysis.”   Select one of the forthcoming theories that you move best applies to treating the client in the subject con-over:  1.Feminist  2.Solution-Focused 3.Narrative   Write a 750-1,000-word anatomy of the subject con-balance using the assumption you chose. Include the forthcoming in your anatomy.  1.What concepts of the assumption fabricate it the most divert for the client in the subject con-over?  2.Why did you cull this assumption balance the others?  3.What obtain be the goals of counseling and what mediation strategies are used to perfect those goals?  4.Is the assumption contrived for short- or long-term counseling?  5.What obtain be the counselor's role delay this client?  6.What is the client’s role in counseling?  7.For what population(s) is this assumption most divert? How does this assumption discourse the gregarious and cultural needs of the client?  8.What joined instruction capacity be advantageous to distinguish encircling this subject?  9.What may be a promote in using this adit?   Include at smallest three versed references in your tractate.   APA conceive        Case Con-balance Anatomy   Client Name: Ana  Client age: 24   Gender: F  Presenting Problem  Client states, “I of-late obsolete my job and move irreformable. I can’t doze and don’t move relish eating.” Client too reports she has obsolete 10 pounds during the decisive two months. Client states that she is a solo producer and is worried encircling beseeming homeless. Client states, “I tease all the occasion. I can’t get my brain to contract off. My mate is in the soldierly and currently serving in an balanceseas contest zone for the instant view months. I tease encircling him all the occasion.”  Behavioral Observations  Client arrived 30 minutes existing for her enactment. Client orderly that she had never been in counseling anteriorly. Client undistinguished and unquiet, as evidenced by contradiction hands and tearfulness as she filled out her intake tractatework. Ana made small eye touch as she picturesque what brought her into composition. Client address was halting. Client assume even. Client appeared obtaining to allocate to view sessions of composition signed by her protection congregation.   General Background  Client is a 24-year-old first-generation immigrant from Guatemala. Ana was furloughed from her job as a hypothecation controlr at topical bank three months ago. Client reputed that she was from a monied race in Guatemala, but does not nonproduction to ask for acceleration. Client speaks copious Spanish.  Education  Client has completed one year of nursery delay a important in matter. Client states that she left nursery succeeding her son was born as she set-up it involved to control a baby, nursery, and a full-occasion job.   Family Background  Client is the intermediate of immodest siblings. Client has two older brothers and one younger sister. Client’s producers bear been married for 27 years. Client states that she has had a “close” relation delay her race, although she states that her senior is a “heavy drinker.” Client states that all her brothers and sisters bear graduated from nursery and bear functional careers. Client states that her senior is a banker and her dame is an schoolmistress. Client states that she has not seen her race for 1 year. Client has a 1-year-old son and states that she is rarely “overwhelmed” by mound him singular.  Major Stressors  •Lack of race and supportive friends  •Financial problems due to job loss  •Husband deployed balanceseas  •Raising a baby by herself