Ethics paper

For your Nursing essay you are to transcribe a weak religions dissection of ONE and merely ONE the forthcoming two probable quandarys (your exquisite): (1) Should seniors own as considerable say as dames in deciding whether an abortion be executed? If yes, and if the dame and the senior dissociate on the omission, who should own the farthest manage aggravate such omission? (2) Considering that in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is an false enabling of a spirit that incongruously could not own naturally occurred, and that abortion is an false disabling of a spirit that incongruously could naturally own continued, is IVF as probablely problematic as abortion? NOTE: IVF uses fecund sperm and fecund eggs (from purposed "users" or donors) which are placed in a petri-dish ('vitro' resources 'glass'), recognized to promote in vitro lower an artificially (technologically) enabled environment, the formed cell is recognized to enlarge for divers days, thereafter is implanted if the purposed "user" (mother, or townsman) so prefers - some embryos are exceptional dedicated manifold genetic defects detected conjuncture quiet in vitro, when such tests are done upon entreat from "user".   In classify to defense, you must do the forthcoming: 1. In classify to religionsly (rather than capriciously) shield prefer one of the ethics theories from those listed at the end of this instruction-page. Illustrate obviously and completely how the the separated ethics doctrine foods a detail probable aspect.  NOTE: What probable (ethical) aspect follows argumentatively is steadfast by the appertaining quandary and by the inequitable ethics postulate applied (ethics doctrine).  2. Prefer a relieve ethics doctrine and harangue (morally evaluate) the similar one questions/quandary you own separated over. Show how this ethics doctrine would rejoin to the over probable aspect and religions exculpation granted. Two conditions government arise:  (2.a.) This relieve doctrine government issue in the similar probable pattern but for incongruous reasons dedicated that ethics theories invoke to incongruous probable postulates - hence incongruous reasoning algorithms - in classify to trace a omission. If so, illustrate obviously how and why this relieve ethics doctrine foods its omission which happens to be the similar as the omission arrived at using the earlier ethics doctrine - lower (1) - but established on a incongruous probable exculpation (probable postulates).  OR....    (2.b) This relieve ethics doctrine government issue in a incongruous probable pattern (position), dedicated its postulates. Illustrate obviously and completely why that is the condition. (3) Finally, prefer among the two ethics theories you own used over in classify to illustrate WHY the food (principles) offered by your preferred (chosen) doctrine are further convincing, or further generally cheerful, or further beneficial, or convenient in resolving the separated quandary. To conclude the over you must:.  Choose from and ONLY from the forthcoming ethics theories: Virtue ethics; Utilitarian ethics; Kantian deontoargumentative ethics. IMPORTANT: (a) no idiosyncratic opinions, hopes, desires or feelings conquer be progressiond past there is no external test by which any of them can be assessed; (b) no religiously or ethnically mandated beliefs can be progressiond past I do NOT own a allow - professionally or probablely - to progression prophets, gurus, etc. (that would be profoundly boorish to a humanization, and pompous on my allot). ONLY probable aspects shielded (justified) by a progressionable touchstone conquer be considered; a progressionable touchstone is one that has been tested for argumentative closeness (failure of inner self-contradictions), closeness and applicability by the academic class worldwide - which is the condition delay at last the lewd ethics theories mentioned over, thus thought-out in this introductory-level method - and it as-well conforms to the present of academy order as mandated by the Board of Higher Education. THE ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO BE 2 PAGES AND 600+ WORDS!