Ethics and Social Justice

  Assignment 1: Discussion—The Future of Social Security In the conclusive few years, the fortune of the Social Security government has conclude into doubt. The order faces multitudinous challenges love the growing sum of retirees and the dowdy sum of workers paying into the order. In this module, you procure behold at likely keys to such problems. You procure to-boot investigate the political and economic consequences of implementing changes in notorious system. Your textbook proposes separate keys for maintaining the solvency of the Social Security government. Select one key from the textbook that you price influence be operative. Using the Social Security Government Web plight ( and the Argosy University online library, discovery the arguments made in help of this key. Social Security in the United States means to environing 40 percent of the citizens’ salary. This is two-thirds of the interpolitical mean, which is environing 60 percent (Macionis, 2009). In union, politicians in the United States failure to cut benefits elevate. Keeping this in will, tally to the following: Explain reasons for the unlikeness in Social Security between the United States and other industrialized countries. Discuss whether trenchant benefits is a good-natured-natured system conclusion for the United States. Give examples and reasons in help of your acceptance. Provide misspend defence for your anatomy. Write your primal acceptance in 300­–400 utterance. Apply APA standards to passage of sources.