Ethics and Social Justice

  Assignment 1: Discussion—The Future of Social Security In the developed few years, the doom of the Social Security government has follow into scrutiny. The arrangement faces different challenges enjoy the growing calculate of retirees and the timid calculate of workers paying into the arrangement. In this module, you allure appear at likely elucidations to such problems. You allure also inspect the collective and economic consequences of implementing changes in general cunning. Your textbook proposes various elucidations for maintaining the solvency of the Social Security government. Select one elucidation from the textbook that you price potentiality be cogent. Using the Social Security Government Web residence ( and the Argosy University online library, elaboration the arguments made in living of this elucidation. Social Security in the United States middles to encircling 40 percent of the citizens’ compensation. This is two-thirds of the interpolitical middle, which is encircling 60 percent (Macionis, 2009). In conjunction, politicians in the United States nonproduction to cut benefits advance. Keeping this in will, suit to the following: Explain reasons for the original in Social Security betwixt the United States and other industrialized countries. Discuss whether sharp benefits is a good-tempered-tempered cunning conclusion for the United States. Give examples and reasons in living of your confutation. Provide embezzle apology for your decomposition. Write your moderate confutation in 300­–400 signification. Apply APA standards to passage of sources.