Here are the instructions for your Latest Disquisition (there is no latest exam in the course; this disquisition takes its establish.) The Latest Disquisition is rate 100 points.  View Triangle Fire, the “American Experience” sequence documentary (53:47) environing the Triangle Shirtwaist intellect that occurred in New York City in 1911. (We succeed converse environing how to adit the detached documentary--which takes simply a few seconds to do--in assort. I succeed besides support another communication environing how to adit the film.) This was a seminal occurrence, impacting how the American national perceived the manner of employers, and changing basic attitudes inland performanceers, multifarious of whom were death-approve immigrants. Imagine that you were an hourly employee at the factory former to the intellect of 1911. What were stipulations approve in the factory? Would you keep disturbed for better workestablish stipulations? Would supported trivial changes in the manner of your employers keep presented any risks to you? How keep attitudes inland performanceers progressive past the intellect? Do you imagine performanceers affect more empowered today than they did a generation ago? Are performanceers more valued and respected by the American fellow-creatures?  Compose a five (5) page-long disquisition in which you oration these questions. You are detached to oration other issues, too, but the questions above MUST be answered. Also, content music that for this assignment, you succeed approximately certainly need to precede some discovery of your own. If you use that discovery in your disquisition, you must mention the sources you consulted. Content do so using APA formatted citations. I nonproduction to emphasize this aim environing your disquisition and its contents: I am spirited in YOUR thoughts and ideas, not those of historians, bloggers, or other commentators. I do not nonproduction to see prolix excerpts of the performance of other fellow-creatures in your disquisition, or prolix references to their thoughts. And I forebode your performance to be totally in your own control. The Latest Disquisition must be typed, double-spaced, and use a exemplar, 12 pt. font such as Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman. You should besides use exemplar, one-inch margins. It is not compulsory to do a inscription page, though that firmness is up to you.