Write a 900-1200 vocable essay on ONE of the themes underneath. This assignment must emorganization quotations from the assigned readings or films to buttress your ideas. In restitution, you must use TWO beyond, versed sources in this essay. Delight too use in-text citations and full a toils cited page, according to MLA guidelines. Use a New Historicist approach to test the readings from Asia, Africa, OR Russia.  In this essay, narrate ways in which your separated location’s scholarship from the novel era reflects its narrative and sound ideas. You must nucleus on at lowest one of the written toils assigned during weeks three through five.  You may too argue the assigned film(s), but that is not required.   Please recall the following: Avoid any and all resume sites amid your essay.  This embodys Sparknotes, Shmoop, Cliff's Notes, and Wikipedia (shapeless others). Use MLA format and citations in this essay. Also, delight transcribe this essay using the extrinsic third-person top of apprehension. You may not use any vocableing from foregoing essays or forums. Note that the toils cited page and headings are not embodyd in the page enumerate. Delight use one-inch margins, do not add extra spaces betwixt passages, and use 12 font Times New Roman.  Scholarly sources generally after from academic journals and enjoy been testd by experts in the province for atonement.  A astonishing fix to seem for such sources is the APUS Library databases.   Make stable your essay has a conspicuous leading and disline assertion (specific, tight theme + an estimation on the theme) at the end of your leading passage.  The disline should be inveterate on the readings in this line. Make stable your organization passages are nucleused on proving your disline assertion. Do not embody the readings.  Be stable that your disline expresses an analytical design and is not honorable a assertion of isolated circumstance or conspire resume. Make stable to enjoy a blank that does not induce in new notice and doesn't cite what you've already said. REFERENCES:  Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Chapter Three. This toil can be set on Project Gutenberg. Search for Heart of Darkness.  Achebe, Chinua. "An Image of Africa: Racism in Heart of Darkness." York University. June 2013. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.