Write a 2-3 page essay on the heartiness of our democracy using your *digital artifact, your peers' artifacts, and balbutiations(uploaded). (*Digital artifact=some gregarious cartoons which uploaded)Essay is due on Friday at  10AM. There is a grading criteria, delight prosper the rubric.(uploaded) Prompt What is a democracy? Describe 2-3 qualities of a heartinessy democracy. And, assess the heartiness of our democracy. In your essay, use your digital artifact, allusion at last one of your peers' artifacts, and at last two balbutiations from Weeks 1 and 2. Essay should so understand the prospering notice: What is a democracy? Delineate on what you already perceive environing democracy from your k-12 or your undergraduate directions as polite as from anything you looked up in relevance for this assignment. When describing the qualities of a heartinessy democracy that are most main to you, you may delineate from the limitation of democracy you chose for your artifact living and/or the limitations livinged by your peers. Assess how heartinessy our democracy is by doing the prospering: Describe and examine the artifact you primeed to parade how polite our democracy is currently agoing, and why our democracy is agoing that way. Discuss whether our democracy reflects the qualities you forcible. Incorporate at last one artifact by one of your peers from the direction. Use at last two balbutiations living your arguments/claims. Essays must understand in-text citations and a allusion page in APA frameat. if may succor.. my description on my gregarious cartoon:I chose this gregarious cartoon consequently it reflects the trends of today's democracy.We all perceive that democracy is defined as a frame of legislation in which the crowd are the original and the foremost development. However, not alwaysyone's suffrage and impression can be heard and considered. In specification, digital resources behove the main institution in crowd's daily society. We can get notices and extreme issues easily by turning on televisions and gregarious resourcess. Also, resources has behove the main commencement of notice transmission and appreciate fable.  Through resources,  we can be polite assured environing our commonwealth, countries and the universe.But some resources reports are not extensive, and they affect to prime counsel reports established on trends to conclude the foremost vigilance rate. For development, disclaiming counsel is frequently easier to lay-hands-on crowd's vigilance. Therefore, the resources gain exude the notice to betray barely a portio of the notice. Just affect this gregarious cartoon, there is perspicuously a ample clump of crowd representing dogmatic notice, but those journalists and the resources barely rendezvous on disclaiming notice. So barely disclaiming notice gain be presented. This creates the wickedness appreciate and is misleading. Not barely that,  in the original chapter of Foa and Stryuk balbutiation has so reflected such wickedness birth. "For foul-mouthed decades, Die Welt, one of West Germany’s requisite counselpapers, refused to propound the creature of an East German recite. Since the paper’s editors expected the communist regime to disappearance among a subject of years, they put frighten quotes encircling its initials when- always they examineed the German Democratic Renotorious (GDR). While other papers reported environing the policies pursued by the GDR, Die Welt unfailingly wrote environing the “GDR.”" (Foa and Stryuk, page 5).  This avenue proves that the counselpaper as a commencement of notice transmission refused to propound some notices. However, this conduct is wickedness, and the notice should be presented to the notorious fairly.