This assignment involves relating divine  behaviors in high-profile events,    as well-mannered-mannered as examining regulatory and  sustainability communicate approaches to    business's environmental  responsibilities. Read  each of the forthcoming    questions  before correspondent each  one among  a Word instrument. Based on  the  acceptance to  Hurricane Katrina, what is the analogy           between  inefficiency and  divine bearing for leaders?  How could the          acceptance to  the  Hurricane Katrina  calamity entertain been past serviceable, and          thus past divine? Your acceptance  must be at meanest 200  words. In because the BP Oil  Spill, what case would divinely          justify a empire or individual  company in restricting knowledge made           available to the notorious during  a calamity? At what apex ability other          companies entertain  an divine exact to intervene  regarding environmental          disasters?  Your  acceptance must be  at  meanest 200  words. In the Word  document, inventory your counter-arguments one  after the other. Use  Times New   Roman, 12-apex font, and  double-spacing. There  is no need to comprise  a   title  page  nor  a allusions page. You  are not required to  fulfil lore   for  this assignment;  however,  if you prefer to fulfil lore to counter-argument   these  questions, use APA mode to  format your in-text and allusion    citations