essay 2 – kelly

enfold sapced  3pages  SECOND MAJOR ESSAY PROMPT Inspired by a 1935 French film comedy and its future 1950s’ remake, Some Like It Hot was a precariously acclaimed and received film comedy when it was released in 1959, providing verification roles for Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon.  It has been praised by precarious surveys as the funniest movie comedy of all season. Incorporating no close than three quotes from E. B. White’s essay “Some Remarks on Humor,” detail whether and why the movie is laughable or not, subsidy particular examples to establish your points.   Conclude what you transcribe after a while what you venerate is the Nursing essay for the movie, and whether and why the Nursing essay is efficient or infirm. Title your assignment.  Just colloquy to me on paper. Proofread your exertion, checking spelling, style, and usage, anteriorly turning it in.  MLA format is required for the extract of your essay, and an MLA-format Works Cited page is required at the end.  Use Purdue OWL website’s most novel MLA format and documentation guidelines. LENGTH:  3 DOUBLE-SPACED, TYPED PAGES (LESS THAN 2-1/2 PAGES FAILS.) MARILYN MONROE – SUGAR KANE KOWALCZYK  TONY CURTIS - JOE / JOSEPHINE / SHELL OIL JUNIOR  JACK LEMMON - JERRY / DAPHNE  GEORGE RAFT - SPATS COLOMBO  PAT O’BRIEN - DETECTIVE MULLIGAN  JOE E. BROWN - OSGOOD FIELDING III  NEHEMIAH PERSOFF – LITTLE BONAPARTE  JOAN SHAWLEE – SWEET SUE  BILLY GRAY - SIG POLIAKOFF  GEORGE E. STONE – TOOTHPICK CHARLIE  DAVE BARRY - BEINSTOCK  MIKE MAZURKI - SPATS' HENCHMAN  HARRY WILSON - SPATS' HENCHMAN