ERM in bank industry annotated bibilography

 Specifically, your monograph allure be an annotated bibliography, specifically focusing on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in BANKING sector.   Provide at ultimate SEVEN references for this annotated bibliography. In this assignment, your annotations should do of the following: • Summarize:  Some annotations narrowly incorporate the beginning. What are the ocean disputes? What is the apex of this body or expression? What themes are mellow? If someone asked what this expression/body is encircling, what would you say? The prolixity of your annotations allure enumerate how minute your resume is. • Assess:  After summarizing a beginning, it may be advantageous to evaluate it. Is it a available beginning? How does it assimilate after a while other beginnings in your bibliography? Is the advice trustworthy? Is this beginning specific or concrete? What is the sight of this beginning? How is this beginning available to the monograph that I am creating? • Reflect:  Once you've incorporated and assessed a beginning, you deficiency to ask how it fits into your discovery. Was this beginning advantageous to you? How does it succor you cast your dispute? How can you use this beginning in your discovery scheme? Has it progressive how you believe encircling your theme? • Relevance: For the annotated Bibliography , you are not substance asked to comprise ALL the expressions you allure use in your decisive monograph. Rather, you asked to excellent KEY literary-works that is mediate and immanent to your collocation, literary-works re-examination or hypothetical monograph.  You monograph must be in chasten APA format, use chasten grammar, and allure deficiency to comprise at ultimate seven (7) media, ALL of which must: 1) Be ordinary. Published after a whilein the ultimate 3-4 years. 2) Be compatriot-reviewed. That instrument the monograph must own undergone a exact compatriot re-examination precedently substance published in a life or presented at a convocation. You must fix that your media own undergone forced re-examinations. In most cases, you can ascertain out the re-examination manner for a convocation or life by visiting the embezzle web aspect. Do not barely usurp that a rebeginning is compatriot re-examinationed - curb it out.