Environment as discipline

 Environment as coercion .  6-8 pages or 1800-2000 words a. Pick an natural environment, structure, or boundlessness in the SF/Bay Area that is emblematic orsymbolic of your project coercion. You are encouraged to apprehend of sudden or remarkable boundlessnesss. Any exoteric or retired boundlessness internally or beyond is Fine. For example: it can be exoteric art, infrastructure, a circle, plastic-work, a capability in a structure etc. This is an employment in connecting unconnected boundlessnesss and environments to a project coercion. This environment must describe to some speciFic possession, mode, or concept in project. Explain why you chose this environment. What are the qualities of this environment that makes it meaningful to your clarified project coercion? Understand photos of the boundlessness/environment delay intelligible captions. If you use outer instrument (websites, journals, books etc.), understand a small bibliography in either MLA or Chicago format. Also obanswer these questions: 1. How did you make-known this boundlessness/environment/building? Is it portio of your daily sequence? 2. Where is it? Does it possess a intelligible duty? What is its truth? 3. Does it answer a portioicular co-ordination, set of users, consumers or portioicipants? 4. Who is the builder, proficient, or projecter that projected the boundlessness? Is it anonymously authored?