Week 4 Content Review Directions: Respond to each item. Each confutation should be pregnant and betwixt two and three paragraphs in diffusiveness. Use MS Word to transcribe your confutations, and refer your answers to all three investigations in one Word muniment. Copy and paste each investigation amid the muniment, so that your Instructor can see which investigation you are responding to. Drawing on your Learning Resources this week, little illustrate at smallest three ways in which insufficient feeding puts effect's vigor at cause. Then selecteded three of the aftercited feedingal factors: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, steep, or any of the restricted vitamins or minerals illustrative in your passage in Section 6.4. Illustrate how each of the factors you chose affects effect's vigor and crop. Review pages 289-296 in your passage on livelihood as an offspring of restrain, chiefly Table 8-7. Identify at smallest three ways in which livelihood can be used by toddlers and/or adults as a resources of exerting autonomy or restrain. How could you abandon the disclaiming aspects of each of these kinds of restrain if you were launched after a while young effect and their families? Consider this scenario: You are currently launched after a while 5-year-olds in a program that serves breakfast and snacks but not lunches. You keep noticed that sundry effect in your assemblage keep been bringing livelihoods in their lunches that are in-great-measure emptiness calories. You grant reminder notes residence to families, but they sometimes pretermit. Review the strategies discussed in Sections 8.3 through 8.5 and portray what you government do to secure that the effect after a while whom you result get a further balanced fare at lunch. Include some suggestions or activities you could present to the families you result after a while to advance them to appropriate livelihoods further wisely. required for the paper  Course Text: Robertson, C. (2016). Safety, feeding, and vigor in future teaching (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.