Ed Foundations

 1st Assignment: CS1     Educational Philosophies In closely neat and total 500 utterance tally, localize educational narrative or educational philosophy (not twain) to address the prompt:    Explain why a calm or unromantic discernment and lens is requisite for a professor today. *Remember, no 1st peculiar exercitation.  This is not a peculiaral reflecting but a incomplete essay domiciled on rank discussions, lection sources, and allureing scholarly thus far.  2nd Assignment:  Investigate functional structures *2 pg incompleteness                  (APA diction not demandd) Professional Organizations for Teachers “To suit or not to suit? That is the investigation.” Numerous professions demand individuals to gain in functional structure community. It is not demandd in our ground to befit constituents of functional structures. However, as an professor you potentiality discover it profitable to muster from established functional structures. As a functional it is your once to augment your performance. For this assignment you allure summon functional structures for professors and authenticate three that would be cognate to your functional concern. (register is comprised) For each, afford the following:  History: When was it founded? Purpose:  What is the structure committed to? Publications: What are the publications this structure publishes? Cost: Community dues What does community in a functional structure do for professors? Do you believe this structure would be price seemly a constituent of?  Why or why not? List of Organizations:   New Mexico Association of Classroom Teachers National Association of Special Education Professor "NASET" National Association for Bilingual Education "NABE"  Make enduring the structure is committed to “Teachers” not harmonious a examination exit for contributor professors reckless for a publishing exit!