SSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES Describe and use the economic perspectives of want and occasion requires. Analyze exoteric tidings events and use basic economic concepts to everyday problems and situations. Utilize the tools of economics for determination making for a urban operating in a bargain economy Cite examples of the different constitutes of bargain texture: spotless two-of-a-trade, monopolistic two-of-a-trade, oligopoly and monopoly Discuss the collision of exoteric economic trends and realities on politics, the workplace and the virtue of singular lives. ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION You are starting your own Internet vocation. You flow to constitute a association that conquer dispose-of cookbooks online. is scheduled to expatiate 6 months from today. You affect that the annual require of this vocation conquer be as follows: Technology (Web plan and livelihood) $5,000 Postage and handling $1,000 Miscellaneous $3,000 Inventory of cookbooks $2,000 Equipment $4,000 Overhead $1,000 Part I Deliverable Length: 1 graph plus calculations You must concede up your full-time job, which remunerated $50,000 per year, and you worked part-time for half of the year. The mean vend appraisement of the cookbooks conquer be $30, and their mean require conquer be $20. Assume that the equation for call-for is Q = 40,000 – 500P, where Q = the calculate of cookbooks sold per month P = the vend appraisement of books. Show what the call-for deflexion would face enjoy for appraisement betwixt $25 and $35. Part II Address the aftercited questions in 600-800 words: Suppose that you forecast to dispose-of environing 22,000 cookbooks per month online, and presume your aloft, technology, and equipment requires are urban. What are your entirety requires? Is the vocation excellence pursuing so far? What bargain texture keep you entered, and why? What can you do to insure consummation in this bargain? What pricing strategy influence you use?