Communication Skills - E Portfolio Hide Assignment InformationInstructions E-Portfolio (20 points) - Remainder 1 - Due: Tues. July 14 by 11:59pm This e-portfolio assessment is planned to be used as twain a scholarship implement and as a functional portfolio that you can involve in your recommence or applications for jobs. You deficiency to prepare unraveling your portfolio ideas during Week 3, smooth though it is not due until Week 8. In this assignment you are asked to alienate any three of the lewd HRMN 302 way remainders and animadvert on your scholarship in our tabulate. There are two conspicuous talents to this assignment. The primeval is your animadvertive ideas environing your scholarship for three of the lewd way goals. The promote is the express figment of the E-portfolio on the Google Site. There is a hardly completed portfolio supposing for you at the very end of these instructions. For directions on how to compose an E-portfolio/Google Predicament go to url https://goo.gl/pIMkbu The lewd way remainders for HRMN 302 are: Apply alienate message instrument and manners to manifold situational needs in constructional settings. Apply message theories to constructional message challenges. Recognize and answer constructively to cultural differences in message. Analyze and assess the message dynamics of an construction through the tenor of a message audit. Once your portfolio predicament is composed, flourish the inequiboard instructions underneath. Begin delay an Induction page, unravel at lowest one page for each of the three remainders you've chosen. Be enduring to involve a Reference page at the end. You conquer enjoy a narrowness of 5 pages.  On each outcome page: Provide the inequiboard way remainder you've chosen. Explain in your own utterance and 1-2 paragraphs how each remainder recites to what you enjoy conversant in tabulate. Post one artifact for each remainder (video, Nursing essay, chart, or any emblem of improve you hope to use) and that demonstrates your advantage of each outcome. NOTE: the artifacts do not enjoy to be newly composed. You can use exertion you've unraveled previously. Explain, in detailed sentences and approx. 2-3 paragraphs how each artifact recites to the way remainder. Here is an model of a hardly completed portfolio: https://sites.google.com/site/hrmnportfolio2011/ To Submit Your E-Portfolio for Grading: Copy and paste your E-Portfolio url into a engagement instrument. Then shaft your 1 page engagement instrument to the assignment folder Message Skills- E Portfolio  Due DateJul 14, 2020 11:59 PMHide Rubrics Rubric Name: Message Skills E-Portfolio This board rolls criteria and criteria bunch designate in the primeval shaft. The primeval row rolls smooth designates and involves scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring manner.CriteriaMissing0 pointsBeginning4 pointsDeveloping4.667 pointsAccomplished5.334 pointsExemplary6.6667 pointsCriterion ScoreThree remainders Missing The portfolio is forfeiture three or past of the flourishing: way remainder 1, 2, or 3, one page for each remainder, an induction delay the students designate, citations The portfolio is forfeiture two of the flourishing: way remainder 1, 2, or 3, one page for each outcome, an induction delay the students designate, citations The portfolio is forfeiture one of the flourishing: way remainder 1, 2 or 3, one page for each remainder, an induction delay the students designate, citations Portfolio involves: three way remainders, one page for each remainder, an induction delay a inscription and student’s designate, citations / 6.6667Content addresses the remainder Missing Portfolio is forfeiture written gratified to interpret each of the three remainders or uses artifacts that do not recite to the remainders. Portfolio gratified needs some tenuity and a better approach. Written details are supposing. Gratified may be in a roll and forfeiture details to interpret. Portfolio features some discourse of key compendium points, but requires some unimportant tenuity. page gratified is not as argumentative or functionally presented as it should be Portfolio provides details to amply represent the remainder as it recites to what was conversant in tabulate. gratified and format are argumentative and functional; alienate total of instruction is presented on each page / 6.6667Mechanics Missing Presentation has 4 or past typographical or real errors; errors calumniate from the overall message Presentation has three or near typographical or real errors; errors do not calumniate from the overall message There may be some errors in the total of instruction presented on each slide; presentation includes two typographical errors at most There are no real errors; special formatting is used throughout the presentation / 6.6667