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 Assignment 2 – Dynamic criticism post Introduction This is an identical assignment in which you allure explore the use of grounds barter among web servers and browsers, dynamic reading of page pleased, and API artfulness, using PHP, JavaScript, XML, and JSON. Details of the pressure of the assignment and due conclusion are absorbed in the sequence mode. Please voice: you may compound the contact to the criticism of anything you eagerness – among savory boundaries – but you should preserve the basic schema the corresponding. For illustration, you could do criticisms of guitars, microbreweries, exoteric tracks, nightclubs, coffees, tv shows, shoes, games, chicken parmigiana or homogeneous. Adjust consultation designates and alien keys truly. Job Mode Introduction Raccoon Reviews is a webpost that allots raccoon enthusiasts to embody balance their shared share. Each raccoon has a absorbed page that shows a photo and a designate, a schedule of criticisms, and some make of medium rating. Users can surrender new criticisms of a raccoon, including their designate, some criticism citation, and a rating. Database A ultimate groundsbase succeeding a while two consultations contains grounds environing raccoons, and their criticisms. The groundsbase has the succeedingcited constituency: Raccoon(id, designate, metaphor_url) Review(id, raccoon_id, criticismer_name, criticism, rating) Each chronicles in the Raccoon consultation refers to a single raccoon, and each chronicles in the Criticism consultation is a criticism of a single raccoon. Each Raccoon may accept sundry criticisms. CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH3224 6224 Assignment 2 1420 Page 2 of 4 The assignment jobs are air-tight associated succeeding a while the lab product of subject-matters 7 to 10. Command and illustrations from lectures and labs should be a beneficial direct throughout this assignment. The assignment insist-upons a number of refines and a announce to be executed. The announce should accord to written jobs that are interposed inferior. Initial Job Create the groundsbase using your MySQL skills. You allure scarcity at lowest 4 raccoons, succeeding a while at lowest 2 criticisms each. You may normalize the groundsbase if you eagerness, to enclose a absorbed "reviewer" consultation. Invent your own grounds – designate raccoons succeeding your lineage, favourite bands, explorers, movie characters, or mythical figures, for illustration. Use mismisappropriate grounds types – in point Review.criticism should be a TEXT scope to allot hanker entries. Review.rating is an integer compute from 1 to 5 implied, where 5 indicates that this is an prodigious raccoon. Surrender your SQL refine as dissect of your assignment. XML and JSON indicationup Indication up the full grounds using XML tags and obviate it as an .xml refine. Check that the refine is well-made and announce the system used. Draw a diagram showing the constituency of the DOM tree associated succeeding a while the .xml refine, using grounds from any ONE chronicles. Enclose the source component, node types, components and attributes. Similarly, indication up the full grounds using JSON and obviate it as a .json refine. Check that it is operative JSON and announce the system used to operativeate. Surrender twain refines as dissect of your assignment. Back-end API Create a RESTful XML or JSON API (your precious), implementing, at partiality, the succeedingcited functionality. Use the HTTP system determined in parentheses: • Schedule all raccoons (GET) o Should give-back raccoon id, designate and metaphor_url for all raccoons, succeeding a whileout criticisms o Use an optional querystring/GET parameter to allot sorting by designate & medium rating • Retrieve all details for a single raccoon (GET) o including criticisms • Create a new criticism/rating (POST) • Delete a criticism/rating (DELETE) • Upconclusion an stout criticism/rating (PUT) Follow HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Contact State) practices. Enclose a voice in your announce environing how you accept followed HATEOAS. Inferior Apache, this plod allure insist-upon configuring a .htaccess refine to allot using clear URLs inferior the api folder (externally a .php production) Front-end Create an HTML/CSS/JS page which uses JavaScript, the DOM and your back-end API to: • Exhibit a menu of all raccoons. Allot sorting the menu by designate and rating • Exhibit an identical raccoon's details when the menu ace is clarified, including the metaphor and the medium rating CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH3224 6224 Assignment 2 1420 Page 3 of 4 • Allot the user to surrender a new criticism/ranking, which allure be exhibited straightway in the criticism schedule, and upon which the raccoon's medium allure be updated from the server • Periodically (complete 30 seconds), poll the details for the exoteric raccoon and exhibit any new criticisms Note: This job may insist-upon sentence metaphors to use. Consider using Wikimedia Commons to confront metaphors succeeding a while indulgent licenses. All functionality should be implemented using JavaScript, the DOM and the API, succeeding a whileout reloading/refreshing the browser page. Bonus job (Optional!) Derive your averaging and sorting command installed on the arrival scheduleed here: http://www.evanmiller.org/ranking-items-with-star-ratings.html Additional job for ITECH6224 wards On the subject-matter of “Session hijacking and assemblage fixation” test indelicate (4) bearing, recalcitrant instrument. Use these instrument to transcribe an essay discussing the subject-matter in your own utterance. Take preservation to refer-to truly. Word compute should be 450-550 utterance (still regards) Announce pleaseds 1. The thesis of the criticism post (eg. Raccoon Review) 2. Statement of problem 3. DOM diagram 4. Essay job (ITECH6224 singly) 5. Give details of any protection common (adissect from education staff). Further details Refer to the Sequence Mode for details of acquiescence to Moodle, deceased assignments, productions, eespecial motive, plagiarism, ward foundation, endowment of academic product and adopted regard mode. Acquiescence All refines should be zipped and uploaded to Moodle by the due conclusion and season.