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Learning Questions of Model-10 • Students operative to know what resultant basis is and what are the irrelative methods for collecting resultant basis.• It to-boot grants conversance of multitudinous extent scales. Learning Questions of Model-11 • Students operative to know what are the irrelative methods for collecting elementary basis.• It get to-boot grant conversance about the specimen, specimen largeness and multitudinous types of sampling methods. Instructions: • Assignment-4 covers Model 10 &11• Your assignment is required to be impure to five pages in protraction, which does not understand the distinction page and regard pages, which are never a part-among-inchoate of the gratified incompleteness requirements.• Support your resignation delay continuity esthetic concepts, principles from the textbook and at meanest three conversant, peer-reviewed narrative articles. Use the Saudi Digital Library to perceive your resources.• Use Saudi Electronic University academic adaptation standards and supervene APA fashion guidelines.• Assignment -4 should be submitted on or antecedently 23/11/2019  Assignment-4                                                                  MM-7 Assignment Questions: 1. Explain remark and conjecture delay succor of an model. What are irrelative  sources of resultant basis notice? (2 Marks)2. What are the induced differences inchoate ostensible, ordinal, period, and appurtenancy scales? (1.5 Marks)3. Discuss Specimen versus Census. Describe the differences between a presumption sampling and a non-presumption sampling. (2 Marks)             4.   Distinguish between: (1.5 Marks) a.   Direct and contingent questions b.   Open ended and closed questions c.   Research, investigative, and extent questions.