(DUE ASAP) The business of interest (BOI) to study and explore is a Production Company

  The transaction of concern (BOI) to con-over and investigate is a Production Company.  Answer the questions beneath in-reference-to the BOI  of Production Company  and use the template granted short to organization your submission: MGMT-220_Project_Week1_Template.docx Business of Concern (BOI) Provide a inscription for, confirm, depict and expound the BOI you own clarified to investigate throughout this route.   IS Components Using the five-ingredient framework, confirm in a listing as manifold of the  items in each ingredient you can. Mob can be attested by a designate  and/or by their inscription. Software and procedures can be attested by designate  or inscription, etc. For now, you nonproduction to binder this listing as uncompounded as  possible. If triton needs sense, add that sense by way of  a footnote. HardwareSoftwareDataProceduresPeopleInventory as greatly  hardware as feasible.Inventory as greatly software as feasible.Identify as  greatly facts as feasible.Identify as manifold transaction procedures as  possible.Identify the mob who reproduce-exhibit delay suggestive roles in the BOI. Collaboration What collaboration do you see happening delayin the BOI now?      Risks and Challenges: Are tshort any risks and challenges associated delay collaboration the BOI is selected in now? Opportunities for Improvement: Wshort do you see opening to collaborate or to amend collaboration? Proposed Collaboration Tool: Confirm a new  collaboration dupe that authority be utilized in your BOI. Expound how the  collaboration dupe could be used to profit the BOI's collaboration  efforts. What risks and challenges are associated delay the dupe  identified?