due 9/30

Details:  For this benchmark, you procure exhaustive a mini-part of three informational quotation-grounded precept intentions and a corresponding duty intention. You should husband the precept intention and other materials that you own created throughout this progress.  Complete three informational quotation-grounded precept intentions that procure be taught as a part for a meaenduring smooth that you state grounded on the “Class Profile.” Exhaustive Parts I, II, and III of the “COE Precept Intention Template” for three precepts. You procure prepare on Part III of the “COE Precept Intention Template,” which embraces examples of summative duty, incomplete your duty intention.  Each precept intention should portion-out a topic environing your previously chosen informational quotation. Be enduring to hint the materials and technology husbandd incomplete each precept.  Utilize research-grounded strategies and technology that mature accurate thinking and whole solving. Provide opportunities for questioning, collaboration, and supportive interaction incomplete your students incomplete your precepts. Embrace at lowest two of the subjoined strategies incomplete each of your three precepts: •Direct direction •Indirect direction •Collaborative literature •Experiential literature •Independent consider •Interactive direction  Describe how your activities would be differentiated for your students in the “Class Profile.”   Create an duty intention for your mini-part that embraces demonstrating alignment among ceremonious and inceremonious duty strategies and techniques. Your duty intention procure rest of the subjoined two parts:  Part I - Portico  In a 100-250 engagement portico, embrace the subjoined: •A illiberal compendium of your mini-part for treatment. •A patronymic that demonstrates alignment among the standards, literature targets/objectives, literature activities, and formative and summative dutys. •Identify other contenteded areas in which your topic could be husbandd. Provide examples.  Part II – Summative Duty  Three summative dutys (one for each precept) delay apology keys or rubrics.  GCU format is not required, but resistant academic fitness is expected.  This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric precedent to outset the assignment to behove accustomed delay the expectations for auspicious problem.