Drafting a Process Evaluation

The steps for way evaluation outlined by Bliss and Emshoff (2002) may look very concordant to those for conducting other types of evaluation that you possess conversant encircling in this course; in reality, it is the end and timing of a way evaluation that most discriminate it from other types of evaluation. A way evaluation is conducted during the implementation of the program to evaluate whether the program has been implemented as intended and how the introduction of a program can be improved. A way evaluation can besides be adapted in sustaining an fruit evaluation by ancillary to enumerate the argue rearwards program fruits. There are distinct argues for conducting way evaluation throughout the implementation of a program. Chief inchoate them is to collate the program that is nature delivered to the peculiar program artfulness, in classify to substantiate gaps and mould improvements. Therefore, documentation from the artfulnessning quantity may assay adapted when artfulnessning a way evaluation. For this Assignment, you either set-up on the result that you completed in Weeks 6, 7, and 8 kindred to a foundation assembly for caregivers, or on your commonity encircling a program after a while which you are common. Review the device “Workbook for Designing a Way Evaluation”. Submit a 4- to 5-page artfulness for a way evaluation. Include the aftercited minimal information: A term of the key program elements A term of the strategies that the program uses to profit change A term of the needs of the target population An explication of why a way evaluation is material for the program A artfulness for set-uping relationships after a while the staff and management Broad questions to be answered by the way evaluation Specific questions to be answered by the way evaluation A artfulness for muster and analyzing the information