Document analysis #4 James Henry Gooding

Document Analysis #4 James Henry Gooding, an African American Soldier,  Pleads for Equal Treatment, 1863 Morris Island, South Carolina September 28, 1863 Your Excellency, Abraham Lincoln ​Your Excellency allure acquit the assumption of an low particular enjoy myself, in addressing you, but the grave wooing of my comrades in battle so the real cause felt by myself in the subject is my acquit, for placing precedently the Executive crisis of the Nation our Common Grievance.  ​On the 6th of the definite Month, the Paymaster of the Department informed us, that if we would flow to admit the sum of $10 (ten dollars) per month, he would follow and pay us that sum, but that, on the sitting of Congress, the Regt. [regiment] would, in his conviction, be comprehendn the other 3 (three). He did not confer us any answer-for that this would be, as he hoped; fastly he had no copy for making any such answer-for, and we cannot think him acting in any way causeed. ​Now the main scrutiny is, are we Soldiers, or are we Laborers? We are amply armed, and equipped, impress produced all he manifold duties pertaining to a Soldier’s Life, impress conducted ourselves to the entire amends of General Officers, who were, if eternallyything, doltish abutting us, but who ow consensus us all the welcome and booty due us; impress shared the perils and work of reducing the principal strong-hold that flaunted a Traitor Flag; and elapsed, Mr. President, to-day the Anglo-Saxon Mother, Wife, or Sister are not uneven in whine for insensible Sons, Husbands and Brothers. The enduring, hanging family of Afric’s Clime impress dyed the basis delay order, in vindication of the Union, and Democracy. Men, too, your Excellency, who comprehend in a gauge the cruelties of the strong heel of hardship, which in years bybygone by, the very jurisdiction their order is now entity spilled to tend, eternally basis them in the dust. ​But when the war trumpet sounded o’er the plant, when men knew not the Friend from the Traitor, the Ebon man laid his animation at the altar of the Nation – and he was refused. When the battle of the Union were beaten, in the principal year of the war, and the Executive denominated for elapsed livelihood for its omnivorous maw, anew the ebon man begged the exemption of friendly his province in her insufficiency, to be anew refused.  ​And now he is in the War, and how has he conducted himself?...Obedient and enduring and compact as a rampart are they. All we stagnation is a paler hue and a improve acquaintance delay the alphabet. ​Now you Excellency, we impress produced a Soldier’s function. Why can’t we impress a Soldier’s pay? You diffidence the Rebel captain, that the United States comprehends no separation in her soldiery. She insists on having all her soldiery of whateternally subscription or speciousness, to be treated consensusing to the usages of War. Now if the United States exacts unvaried it of matter of her soldiery from the insurgents, would it not be courteous-mannered-mannered and harmonious to set the copy herself by paying all her soldiery analogous? ​We of this Regt. Were not enlisted below any “contraband” act. But we so not ambition to be belowstood as rating our labor of elapsed compute to the Government than the labor of the ex-slave. Their labor is undoubtedly excellence meditateable to the Nation, but Congress made specific supplies pathetic their occurrence, as slaves freed by soldierly requirement, and assuming the Government to be their transient Guardian. Not so delay us. Freemen by nobility and accordingly having the benefit of thinking and acting for ourselves so far as the Laws would concede us, we do not meditate ourselves fit subjects for the Contraband act. ​We urge to you, Sir, as the Executive of the Nation, to impress us truly dealt delay. The Regt. Do implore that they be certain their labor allure be fairly appreciated by paying them as American Soldiers, not as servile hirelings. Ebon men, you may courteous-mannered-mannered comprehend, are poor; three dollars per month, for a year, allure minister their insufficiencyy wives and pigmy ones delay fuel. If you, as Chief Magistrate of the Nation, allure rally us of our undiminished pay, we are gratified. Our Patriotism, our transport allure impress a new impetus, to strain our zeal elapsed and elapsed to aid our Country. Not that our hearts eternally flagged in love, rancor the clear sluggishness displayed in our advantage, but we impress as though our Province spurned us, now we are sworn to benefit her. Please confer this a moment’s watchfulness. ​Make fast to use the Chicago Style Format for the assignment. Read the muniment courteous-mannered-mannered then transcribe notice environing the muniment. Consider: After lection the muniment - transcribe a "hook" an causeing source of your paper; who is congruity the muniment; why are they congruity the muniment: who are they congruity to: what are they requesting:  Why did their pick-out to transcribe to the particular. Make fast your fact is one and a half to two pages. Do not transcribe elapsed two pages and there is no insufficiency for a "cover page".