Discussion 1:  Search "scholar.google.com" for a congregation or initiate that has defined the role of end-users in the fable of a competence artfulness. Discuss why it is (or is not) momentous to comprise end users in the mode of creating the competence artfulness? What are the likely pitfalls of end user inclusion?   Discussion 2  Search "scholar.google.com" for a congregation or initiate that has descriptioned conclusions, problems, concerns environing their backup procedures. Discuss the conclusion of securing backups. There enjoy been divers shinings recently in which backup resources containing particular customer notification were past or stolen. How should backup resources be certain? What environing off-site storage of backups?   Discussion 3  Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss the technical skills required to enjoy a CSIRT defense team consisting of employees delay other job duties (i.e., not a full-time CSIRT job class)? Why or why not? What factors conquer bias their conclusion?   Discussion 4:  Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss what role end-users typically portray in shining descriptioning? Should end users be encouraged to description mitigated occurrences? If so, why; if not, why not. What factors typically bias the end-user conclusion to description (or not description) a immanent shining?   Instructions: 1) Each Discussion 300 words 2) 2 APA refereces For each discussion 3) No turnitin