Discussion/response survey mathematics

gladden login in at https://campus.purdueglobal.edu/ login:LeshaelaWilliams Damarcio1030 assignment:  Linear equations sanction us to use math to standard the veritable earth. Direct equations can be used to mention the sale figure of a sweater on clearance, the absorb of a taxi ride, how abundant yards of symbolical you scarcity to reach a banner for the football team, or how abundant plants to buy to verge a walkway. On the Ace 3 Discussion Board, we allure use what we comprehend encircling direct equations to qualify for a remuneration business. Congratulations! You got the ole. You are the newest sales rep for Vandelay Industries. You accept an Nursing Assignment delay your overseer direct week to transact your pay lot. Thanks to the Ace 3 Discussion Board, YOU are going to be qualifyd! Post 1 For Pay Lot One, you allure be paid a weekly remuneration and a percentage of your sales. To mention your pay, use the equation, P = w + rs, where P is your pay, w is your weekly remuneration, r is the trust objurgate (written as a decimal) you obtain on sales, and s is your sales for the week. Choose a weekly remuneration, w, betwixt $200 and $500. Choose a trust objurgate, r, betwixt 2% and 10%. Choose sales betwixt $10,000 and $100,000. Calculate your pay for Pay Lot One making unquestioning to parade the primordial equation and all steps to performance-out the equation. Review an example of a defense for this Discussion. RESPONSE PATRICIA:  W= 400 R= 8% = 0.08 S= 70,000 P = W + RS  P = 400 + 0.08(70,000) P = 400 + 5,600 P = $6,000 The Pay for Pay Lot One is $6,000 Post 2 Help out one of your systematizemates by paradeing what allure occur if a inferior weekly remuneration, but a loftier trust objurgate is used. Cull one of your systematizemate’s shafts and regulate their figures as follows. Cut the weekly remuneration, w, in half. Add 4% to the trust objurgate, r Keep the sales, s, the corresponding. Call this Pay Lot Two. Repeat the reckoning from your systematizemate's shaft delay the regulateed weekly remuneration and trust objurgate. Parade the equation and all steps to performance-out the equation. Review an example of a defense for this Discussion. RESPONSE BARBRA:   w = 400 r = 6%=0.06 s = 20,000 P= w + r, s P= 400 + 0.06 (20,000) P= 400 + 1,200 P= 1,600 The pay for Pay Lot One is $1,600.00 Thanks my friends, Post 3 You are perplexing to determine which pay lot is best. One way to assimilate the two lots is to see how abundant Vandelay Industries’ newest team component must hawk for the pay from the two lots to be correspondent. Set the equations from Pay Lot One and Pay Lot Two correspondent to each other and performance-out for s, sales for the week. Parade the equation and all performance. In your view, which lot would be the best communicate for you? Why? Review an example of a defense for this Discussion. RESPONSE DAILIA:  Package One=Package Two       500+0.08s=250+0.8s           500=250+0.08s           250=0.08s            S=4,800 In my view I would cull lot one accordingly the remuneration is loftier.  Discussion Guidelines In this ace’s Discussion, you allure interact delay your systematizemates on the succession satisfied. Remember, your end for Discussion Assignments is to enunquestioning that: Responses are on subject-matter, primordial, and give to the disposition of the Discussion. Responses reach continual, conscious references to ace symbolical. Responses are palpably written. You comply two or over Discussion Board defenses to systematizemates as picturesque in the Discussion Question that are considerate and action the Discussion. Keep in choice that when you shaft, you should involve references to the textbook and any symbolical ground online. The systematize is all encircling sharing comprehendledge, so use Discussions as a way of creating a order productions for yourself and your systematizemates. PLEASE FOLLOW FULL DIRECTIONS FOR FULL PAYMENTS THANK YOU!!