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Technology Plans  Pretend that the procession consultation wants to use more technology in twain teaching and evaluation. Given the demographics of your procession limit, discovery three offsprings that a procession consultation must ponder when creating a technology implementation intention.  Support your reasoning after a while at meanest one condition expedients.  Respond to one of your adjustmates. Discuss at meanest one way to address each offspring vivid in your adjustmate’s postpo. Peer Post Three niggardly offsprings that the procession consultation must ponder when creating a technology implementation intention is budget and or require, luxuriance for staff, and uniform arrangement. When it comes to implementing technology, the procession consultation has an influential role to reach strong students own the expedientss scarcityed to own a technology united curriculum. When it comes to the budget and require of implementing technology the procession consultation has to ponder the require per procession as it relates to the budget per year and new or equipment that scarcitys upgrades. How to metaphor items love how multifarious students per adjust and if students obtain own vestibule singly to a few computer or a adjustroom set of tablets. The contiguous luxuriance for staff is a unsophisticated but scarcityed ponderation for the consultation. Time obtain scarcity to be set asunder for each procession scheme to procession professionals on appropriately on the implementation of technology in the curriculum to prefer students good-fortune. Finally, uniform arrangement is a regret, I own been in adjustrooms as a supply instructor and heed on the rudimental flatten some students own to advantage to own tablets for each of them offered by the procession. But this differs from some rudimental procession in the selfselfcorresponding limit. It is up to the procession limit to reach strong that all students are offered the selfselfcorresponding counsel as their peers after a whilein the limit. Fundamental discurrent all challenges is the stagnation of plentiful, ongoing professional outgrowth for instructors who are required to unite new technologies into their adjustrooms yet who are unprepared or disqualified to comprehend new technologies (Nagel, 2013). References: Nagel, D. (2013). The Journal: Transforming Counsel Through Technology. 6 Technology Challenges Facing Education, 2. https://thejournal.com/Articles/2013/06/04/6-Technology-Challenges-Facing-Education.aspx?Page=1 https://www.publicschoolreview.com/blog/10-major-challenges-facing-public-schools