Watch the video "Dying to be Thin," then divide what you erudite from the video and the purport of this notification. Minimum 150 opinion. For unmeasured honor, transcribe a meaningful retort to another novice's support. LINK FOR  "Dying to be Thin," :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMyumga-Jr8  another novice retort is  “Dying to be Thin” was a heartbreaking video to wake. I was surprised to collect that three in every hundred women are mitigated to amplify the eating guess-work of anorexia. And wakeing the interviews of women who were anorexic, there was an balanceall subject that these women had traumatic or affecting experiences when they were growing up. And as they amplifyed they coagulated to anorexia most mitigated as a metaphysical fashion of restrain balance their assemblage. Unfortunately exterior influences from community don’t succor anticipate women from neat anorexic. As Joan Jacobs Brumberg, the producer of “Fasting Girls”, said our complete community is compromised delay obscure to be “perfect”. And community “rewards” women for substance lower the ordinary efficacy delay overbearing circumspection. Sadly while these women move empowered and rewarded, they don’t make the hurtful heartiness property such as curse deprivation. Fortunately, I think that community’s views of a “perfect” assemblage representation for a mother is distancing from lowerweight, as a retort to the modern deviate towards kinsman and equable the Kardashians.