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Prepare and propose a written exhaust of your schemeed exploration scrutiny/sub-questions, rationale, definitions and fancy for your coming MGT 8800 fractions con-over exploration scheme as outlined in the series syllabus.  The resolute Powerpoints produce direction and over notice on completing this exhaust.   The exploration scrutiny/sub-question(s), if acceptanceed through conducting your exploration, would unfold your height.  It must be lucidly kindred to the height announcement and structured such that it lucidly summarizes the intention and nucleus of your schemeed exploration endeavor.  The exploration scrutiny and any sub-questions should be evident, expressive, express, plain and abundantly understood by anyone who reads it.   The rationale,  is a inconsiderpotent resume of the deficiency for the exploration con-over.  Why is this subject-matter substance examined?  Definitions are a catalogue of the conditions you respect deficiency to be defined for this exploration tender for clarity or are not invariably unreserved conditions.   The fancy is a inconsiderpotent announcement of what you respect is the solutions to your orderly height and/or the acceptance(s) to your orderly exploration scrutiny(s) that you get be potent to assay through your schemeed exploration.   Your fancy, rationale and definitions get as-well comply delay the subjoined unconcealed formatting requirements:  •1 page •Typed using a 12-point Times New Roman or Courier font •Double-spaced throughout perfect paper •Use a 1-1/2 inch extremity on the direct aspect of each page and 1 inch extremitys on the top, ground, and left aspects of each page •Page header get comprise your call and the epoch of patience