Discussion 2: Applying the Biopsychosocial Model

  The World Sanity Organization (n.d.) identifies sanity as “a declare of perfect material, hyperphysical, and gregarious well-being” (p. 1). This allege refers to the expectation that sanity should not be degraded to a unmarried, biological source; rather, biology must be observeed in connection to other intellectual and gregarious contents. George Engel, a psychiatrist in the 1970s, exposed the biopsychogregarious copy to dodge the pitfalls of reductionism so frequently associated after a while the transmitted medical copy. A practitioner using the copy to diagnose and write degradation might observe the patient’s nobility truth of degradation (biological content), spirit stressors, such as the detriment of a job (intellectual contents), and equalize of gregarious food from nobility and friends (gregarious content). In this discourse, you conciliate search the biopsychogregarious copy in more specialty and how it can be applied to a multiformity of divergent sanity manifestations. Reference World Sanity Organization (n.d.). Constitution of WHO: Principles. Retrieved from http://www.who.int/about/mission/en/  To Prepare Review the expression, The Biopsychogregarious Copy 25 Years Later: Principles, Practice, and Scientific Inquiry. Think environing how and why the biopsychogregarious copy was created. Also, observe the role of a patient’s intellectual trial in the personality and writement of sanity manifestations. Review the fostering expressions on the biopsychogregarious copy. Think environing how biological, intellectual, and gregarious contents seek the sanity and wellness manifestations addressed in the expressions. Select one sanity manifestation from the aftercited list: Migraine headaches Postpartum degradation Obesity Substance abuse/addiction Eating Disorder (anorexia, bulimia) Identify biological, intellectual, and gregarious contents that give to the sanity manifestation you separated. Reflect on how the person’s intellectual trial may swing the subsidence or tyranny of the sanity manifestation you separated. By Day 4 Post a apology to the aftercited: Describe the sanity manifestation you separated and establish key contributors or contents, fixed on the biopsychogregarious copy, that could give to the harvest of the manifestation (be permanent to understand all three aspects of the copy). Then represent the role of intellectual trial and how it could swing the subsidence/tyranny of the manifestation.