Discussion: Methods of Program Evaluation Earlier in the progress, you explored how organizations delineation for population needs and needful services by implementing needs toll surveys. Organizations and their funders neglect to distinguish that program delineationning is done in an fertile and fiscally imperative way. Once programs are in assign and services are life rendered, they so neglect to distinguish that programs are progressing toward their goals and are making assured differences in the lives of their communities (and over biasedally, the population receiving program services). To do this, organizations agree in program evaluation. There are three deep ideas of program evaluation: outcome-focused, entitlement, and outcome-focused entitlement. In outcome-focused evaluation, criteria for program achievement is set and evaluated by individuals without the plain program staff. Entitlement evaluation allows program staff to set and mete their own evaluation stipulations, and outcome-focused entitlement is a confederacy of the two. Each idea of evaluation has its own benefits and limitations, and is over or short divert for manifold evaluation seats. In this Discussion, you obtain pass lore on program evaluation and evaluate the evaluation entrancees institute in those tenets.  To Prepare select a life word published among the last 5 years that applies one of the three program evaluation entrancees to a civilized or gregarious services program. Consider why this idea was clarified and the benefits and challenges to implementing it in this detail seat. Post a paltry title of the program life evaluated in the word you clarified. Decipher which evaluation entrance was used in the evaluation and why it was divert for the toil. Finally, decipher benefits and challenges to applying this idea of evaluation to the program in scrutiny. Be biased and procure examples.