iscussion Question (construct paltry if practicable) Little Big Corporation compensated Stuart as a offer driver.Before Stuart was compensated, the personnel ruler of Big Little Corporation not simply colloquyed Stuart and asked him encircling his driving chronicles and the foundation of his driver’s indulge, but the personnel ruler so obtained an authoritative driving chronicles for Stuart and talked delay Stuart’s antecedent mistress specifically encircling Stuart’s driving chronicles.There was no manifestation from the colloquy delay Stuart, from his driving chronicles, or from Stuart’s foregoing mistress that Stuart was an insecure driver. WhenStuart was compensated by Little Big Corporation, he was combined useful in the influence of the offer exchange that he would be driving and granted an employee insurance manual which he was required to (and did) interpret. For seven years, Stuart worked as a offer driver for Little Big Corporation delayout any accidents or problems.In Stuart’s eighth year as a offer driver for Little Big Corporation, while making a offer, he was bewildered by star in the cab of his offer exchange, ran a seal proof and hit the car that was life driven by Peggy.Peggy suffered a broken leg and her car was badly injured. Peggy sued Stuart and Little Big Corporation for her injuries and loss, and she was awarded losss abutting Stuart and Little Big Corporation.Little Big Corporation was considered to be abundantly legitimate for these losss inferior the precept of responded at upper. Is that serene to Little Big Corporation?What is complaisant by making an mistress biased for the actions of their employees if the mistress has done everything delayin conclude to construct unfailing that its employees are fitted and useful to do their jobs safely?