Topic 1: Phedre illustrates the position of men inside women in the Age of Reason and political Absolutism, in which men delineate logic, ordain, and validity occasion women delineate emotions, frailty, and quackery. Using indication from the resemble, debate how Racine’s Phedre reinforces the stabilitate of mother as a baneful validity in character, known as a femme fatale. OR Topic 2: Define “Baroque” and “Classicism.” Then, using these definitions, transcribe a disquisition that contrasts the Baroque art of Bernini (e.g., “Ecstasy of St. Teresa,” in The Making of the West) after a while the Classicism of Poussin (e.g., “Discovery of Achilles on Skyros,” in The Making of the West). You potentiality failure to google other images by these artists to patronage your ideas.   650 Words Use particular ideas from the readings to patronage your own ideas.  outside sources can be used as well-mannered. Make firm you post MLA format.  Be firm to refer-to all sources twain in the organization of your response to the questions and at the end as Works Cited entries to escape plagiarism.