Learning Objectives Students obtain: Identify theorists, timeframes, and ocean constructs of idiosyncratic theories Analyze techniques/interventions associated after a while idiosyncratic theories Evaluate theories in pertinency to instances Photo Credit: [Sergey_Nivens]/[iStock / Getty Images Plus]/Getty Images Learning Resources Required Readings Herlihy, D., & Park, C.N. (2016). Feminist doctrine. In D. Capuzzi & M. D. Stauffer (Eds.), Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and interventions (6th ed., pp. 367–390). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association. Carrier, J. W., & Mitchell, N. G. (2016). Transpersonal doctrine. In D. Capuzzi & M. D. Stauffer (Eds.), Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and interventions (6th ed., pp. 391–418). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.  Document: Psychoanalytic Instance Conceptualization Example (Word muniment)  Document: Instance Studies (Word muniment) Required Media Psychotherapy.net. (Producer). (1997c). Feminist therapy [Video rasp]. Mill Valley, CA: Author.   Note: The trench diffusiveness of this video is 2 hours. Note: You obtain advent this video through the Walden Library manner unravelings direct. Discussion: Feminist or Transpersonal Counseling: Instance Conceptualization For this Discussion, you obtain transcribe a instance conceptualization as though you were a feminist or transpersonal counselor. As you retrospect this week's Culture Resources and instrument rasps, voice techniques and interventions, and think the role of a feminist counselor in planning matter. Further, return on feminist therapy after a while i-elation to developing your own speculative orientation. In what ways do you invent that feminist therapy may resonate after a while your own purpose of aim? Note: For this Discussion, you are required to entire your judicious column precedently you obtain be powerful to aim and accord to your colleagues' columnings. Arise by clicking on the Column to Discussion Question attach, and then choice Create Thunravel to entire your judicious column. Remember, once you click on Submit, you cannot delete or edit your own columns—and cannot column anonymously. Please control your column prudencefully precedently clicking on Submit! To Prepare: Reaim this week's Culture Resources. Reaim the feminist therapy video from this week's Culture Resources. Take voice of articulation and techniques used by the counselor that is inequitable to this doctrine. Reaim the Psychoanalytic Instance Conceptualization Example ground in this week’s Culture Resources and use this muniment to frame-ready your judicious Discussion column. Select one of the indecent instance studies presented in this week's Culture Resources, and tally the subjoined purposes as if you were a feminist or transpersonal counselor. Use your Culture Resources and the voices you took on articulation and technique from the feminist therapy video to patronage your conceptualization and blend examples from the instance to patronage your column. Grasp the subjoined: Presenting Problem Treatment Goals Identification and description of at last two techniques and interventions Expected Outcome By Day 3 Post your feminist or transpersonal conceptualization. Be assured to patronage your ocean column after a while inequitable references to the Culture Resources using suitable APA format and citations. Your counterpart columns may be over commonplace and less regular. Read your colleagues' columnings. By Day 5 Respond to at last two of your colleagues' columns and expound whether you estimate the contemplated instance conceptualization is the most wholesome for the instance choiceed and why. Your counterparts may be over inregular than your ocean column. Return to this Discussion in a few days to unravel the counterparts to your judicious columning. Voice what you feel conversant and/or any insights that you feel gained as a fruit of your colleagues' comments. Submission and Grading Information Grading Criteria  To advent your rubric: Week 7 Discussion Rubric Post by Day 3 and Accord by Day 5  To join-in in this Discussion: Week 7 Discussion The way that ethnicals descry their globe is originally colored by their own thoughts and tests. In occurrence, it can be argued that ethnicals are illiberal and fairly stubborn-obsessed. Sundry mass do not feel an knowledge that a uncompounded accident may be descryd as drastically heterogeneous by two mass depending on each person's late and popular vitality tests. As a counselor, it is peremptorily to be aware of this original illiberal proneness and to heed prudencefully as clients picture how they aim their stipulation through their singular globeview. By culture how a client's opinions, assumptions, and reactions like the way they test their globe, counselors can composition after a while idiosyncratics to know and arise to restructure their vitality-stories. The two theories that obtain be explored this week are feminist and transpersonal theories. These are twain relatively late additions to the room, and they can succor enlarge your knowledge of ethnical perceptions. Despite the spectry, feminist doctrine is not a doctrine fitting for women, by women. Growing out of the feminist move of the 1960s, it has evolved to grasp anyone whose hues feel been overpowered. Think how your multiple identities and order memberships govern your own globeview. Transpersonal doctrine is significantly divergent from sundry other theories, as it straddles transmitted unsubstantial soundness practices and religions prudence. A transpersonal counselor aims a client as a religions substance and compositions to think all elements of the stubborn, including evolving states of perception and religionsism, into matter. This week, return on the compass of religionsity and awareness that would like how an idiosyncratic descrys his or her globe. Consideration of theories such as these can aid in gaining a reform knowledge of our clients'/students' singular pertinencyships after a while the globe and obtain authorize you to composition after a while them to frame confident changes in their lives.