The Progressive Era Labeling Theory would posit that misdemeanor is a consequence of increased synod past than natural wrong tendencies. In wrong right fact it ability be argued that prescription has remained past potent than law. For this Discussion, selecteded one of the subjoined laws or instances from the Progressive Era that is thrilling to you: White Slave Traffic Act, the Sullivan Law, the Drug Laws, the Eugenics Movement, the Red Scare, or Weeks v. United States. Then, weigh the collision this law or instance ability own had on the general U.S. wrong right rule. Interpret how this collision may own an bias on your role in the U.S. wrong right rule. Post by Day 3: How did the laws and instances of the Progressive Era desire what happens today? Provide one pattern. Using one of the laws or instances granted, interpret any parallels of this to general laws or instances. What ability be the perpetual property on today’s U.S. wrong right rule? How does having this notification as a guide in wrong right bias your role? Respond by Day 5: Offer two choice property of these laws or instances to your colleagues.