Discusion on data visualization

“A represent is merit a thousand words” may be a amiable cliché, but it’s accurately the evil-doing way to judgment visualization. For this week's argument scrutiny, fascinate judgment the Periodic Table of Visualization at the subjoined attach (http://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html). Choose one Data Visualization and one Compound Visualization by placing your mouse cursor balance each discretion. Provide your classmates after a while a shabby designation of your choices and illustrate why you made your choices. Also, narrate what utility do your choices feel balance the others.  You must do the subjoined: 1) Provide a pensive research-based apology and understand references to prop your thoughts 2) Exclude attachments and cbalance page in your patience. Type your apology in the intimation box. When responding to your mate, address your mate by call.  3) ALL former posts ( two to three paragraphs proped by resources) and comments must be perceptible. (I'm looking for encircling a paragraph - not orderly "I harmonize.") 4) Paraphrase citation from resources used and select. If quoting citation, use double-quotes and select.