Notes from the educator on what she expects on the Discussions this goes for twain examineions In ordain to close generous points beneath ‘General Content/Subject Knowledge' your moderate DB should include applicable, reachritative, or other real-earth experiences in a habit that is wealthy in cogitation and provides recognition into the steadfast theme. Your moderate column does not animadvert your plane of beneathstanding of this theme and/or all aspects of the theme were not addressed. Keep in soul, when using citations, to consider of them as your back-up singers, you neglect to hear them a slight, total now and then, but they are there to subsistence the main singer (you!).  In ordain to close generous points beneath ‘Critical Thinking' your moderate DB needs to comprehensively examine the notions, cogitations and elements of the theme after a while illustration. This is accomplished by including at meanest two examples (i.e. citations) from real sources after a whilein your moderate column to validate and subsistence your primary cogitations. THIS IS A TWO PART DISCUSSION. NEEDS TO BE ON SEPARATE PAGES. READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY. PART 1    Reading Fluency Chapter 9 of our quotation goes into profoundness encircling the weight of fluency direction.(SEE ATTACHED FILE)  In Individuality 9.2, the reachr lists five irrelative methods for subsidiary end to befit over eloquent readers (Coats, 2013).  THE METHOD I HAVE TO DO IS Phrased Reading For the method you are assigned, examine the aftercited three questions:  How can you incorporate this notion into your classroom? What signs achieve you appear for to designate that this      approach is neat fluency? How can you acquiesce and subsistence parents to use these      fluency strategies at home? PART 2    Nonfiction Text In Individuality 10.3 of the method quotation, the aftercited reachrs are listed as the superstars in the earth of end’s nonfiction (Coats, 2013)(SEE ATTACHED FILE)I keep highlighted guidelines in individuality 10.3 · Melissa Sweet (THIS LINK IS FOR A BOOK BY THIS AUTHOR I’M NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK  https://read.amazon.com/?asin=B0090OTDEG Read a nonfiction magnitude by the reachr above 1. Using the guidelines listed in Individuality 10.3 of our quotation, sensibility the magnitude to individualize the characteristics that reach the reachr a superstar. 2.  In restitution, divide at meanest one notion you keep for how you could use this ingredient of lore in your classroom. I keep as-well steadfast a page after a while right the magnitude combine